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About us

« Elektroulgamgurlushyk» ES is a specialized enterprise that has been carrying out a complex of power engineering, installation general contracting and subcontracting works at the facilities of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan since 2012, with all the necessary permits and licenses.

    In 2013 – 2015, the «Elektroulgamgurlushyk» Economic Society:

–  supplied equipment and performed work at the facilities “Extension of 110 kV “Gurtli-Polietilen”,     

   Stage I and Stage II «Extension of Ash.DES 110 kV».

– Equipment supplied and electrical work carried out at the facility “TP 110/10 Polit Institut”

 – Equipment and electrical work were carried out at the facility “Substation 110/35/10 Tyaze Oba”. 

 – Unique work of dismantling of the emergency facility of the 2nd power unit of Mary DES.

 – The total cost of work performed for the period from 2013 to 2015 is more than USD 12,000,000.

In 2016-2017, at PA “Mary Azot” of the Ministry of Chemistry of Turkmenistan, КМА-2М gas turbine unit was installed and АСУ ТП КМА-2М software supply was made with folowing commissioning of an automated control systemfor of gas turbine installation, in total amount of USD 1,760,000.

        In 2019, Elektroulgamgurlushyk ES supplies equipment and subcontracting works for the construction of a power line VL 220kV Belek-Balkanabat, in total amount of 121 640 730,00 Russian rubles.

    The staff of Elektroulgamgurlushyk ES consists of qualified specialists with solid working experience in energy facilities of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan.

«Elektroulgamgurlushyk» ES is a member of the consortium of the international group of «Energostroyexport» companies:

       The group of companies provides complete export deliveries of various equipment and performs construction and installation works in Turkmenistan.

     The following companies are included in the «Energostroyexport» group of companies:

LLC «TM Kompozit» (Russia, St. Petersburg) – complex export supplies of equipment and raw materials for the production of composite materials.

General Director – Skvortsova Svetlana Georgievna (+7-904-216-84-29)

«En&De» LP (United Kingdom) – complete supply of high-voltage electrical equipment. 

General partner – Mustafa Kaya (+7495- 0181681)

 «Elektroulgamgurlushyk» ES (Turkmenistan, Ashgabat)  – construction of distribution high-voltage substations, integrated supply of electrical products, construction of power lines 110kV¸ 220kV.

Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city, Gurbanzoltan Eje st., 392

 General Director: Annamurat Muradov (+99312-361987) е-mail: elektroulgam@gmail.com

«Energogurlushykgurnama» IE – import deliveries of electrical equipment from the Russian Federation and EU countries.

Director: Permyakov Sergey Anatolyevich (+99312-362990)


  1. CJSC «Company group «Sverdlovoelektro», Ekaterinburg

Website: http://www.svel.ru

Production of enterprise:

Dry transformers with cast insulation from 25 to 16,000 kVA for voltage class up to 35 kV;

Dry transformers with air-barrier insulation from 25 to 12 500 kVA for voltage class up to 35 kV;

Reactor equipment, dry current-limiting reactors 35, 110, 220 kV;

35, 110,220 kV oil transformers with power from 25 to 125 000 kVA, autotransformers 63000 to 250 000 kVA;

Construction of electric grid facilities (engineering, design);

10 – 35 kV current transformers;

35 kV voltage transformers;

Packaged Transformer Substations;

6, 10 kV packaged switchgears;

Power-factor correction units;

High-frequency chokes;

Steel constructions;

II. ABB Concern (Kazakstan)

Website: http://www.abb.ru

ABB is a leader in technology for electric power and automation. The technologies created by the Group allow industrial enterprises and energy companies to increase their productivity, while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

ABB Group owns enterprises in 100 countries and employs about 124,000 people

Products of the AVV concern:

  • HECI,HGI,GCB series generator circuit-breaker;
  • SF6 circuit breakers 35-500kV;
  • switchboard products of various voltage classes, of various configurations;
  • СРА and СРВ series voltage transformers 110-500 kV;
  • TG and IMB series current transformers 110-500 kV;
  • high voltage bushings for power transformers and switches;
  • SGF SSB II series disconnectors, and others 110-500 kV;
  • Switching module LTB compact;
  • Complete cells PASSM 0, PASSM 0S
  • Complete cells COMPASS
  • complete switchgear 110, 220,330, 550 kV
  • SF6 complete switchgear EXK, ELK
  • Tire supports BBS for 110,150,220,330,500 kV.
  • Turbines and gas turbine equipment;

III. CJSC «Communication Systems and Telemechanics» http://www.cts.spb.ru/


  • Equipment and software for telemechanics complexes;
  • information and measurement systems;
  • Dispatch and technological control systems (ASDU / ASDTU);
  • Energy supply metering systems;
  • Systems of commercial and technical accounting of electricity (AIISKUE / TUE) for electric power, industry, transport and the oil and gas sector.

Pre-design examination



Installation and commissioning



IV « Mashspetsstroy » enterprise http://www.mssgroup.ru/stekloplastikovye-truby


–  Fiberglass (basalt-plastic) pipes 200-2000mm;

–  Core receiving;

–  Abrasion resistant (slurry pipelines, slurry pipelines);

–  Technological;

–  Pipes for the oil industry;

–  Pipes for cable networks;

–  Fittings (fiberglass, basalt-plastic);

–  1 – 70m3 tanks;

Fiberglass ducts up to 600mm in diameter.

V.  Konstante Company

 Grubmühl 18 82131 Gauting Germany

Email: info@konstante.eu, http://konstante.eu/

Tel.: +49 89 38038826

Engineering company Konstante carries out the whole range of operations of the design, construction and reconstruction of water supply and sanitation facilities for utilities and industrial enterprises – from technical audits and evaluating the performance of a particular facility to the construction of treatment facilities on “turnkey” basis.

The main activities of the company are laboratory analysis of the composition of water, research, engineering and design work, selection and supply of high-quality effective water treatment equipment, installation, construction and commissioning operations, the provision of necessary services for the operation of treatment facilities.

The company’s specialists have successfully developed and implemented a number of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment projects, in particular, bringing the quality of wastewater to the regulatory requirements for the discharge of fruit and vegetable, oil-fat, chemical, metallurgical and other enterprises.

Experience of the company in solving wastewater treatment problems, high scientific and engineering potential, the use of advanced world technologies, provide all the conditions for successful cooperation with our customers and partners.

VI. HÜBERS German Company

In the joint manufacture of polymer insulators.

• Compound filling and impregnation

• Atmospheric, vacuum, vacuum forcing processes of compound filling and impregnation, as well as automatic gelation under pressure

• One- and multi-component resin systems

• Separate modules and complete installations

e-mail: info(at)huebers.de

Phone: +49 2871 281-0

VII. LLC «NPO Zvezda» (RF, Ivanovo region, Ivanovo) – production of equipment for the production of composite materials.

Director: O. E. Sergeev

VIII. LLC «SK» (RF, Gus-Khrustalny) – production of furnaces for the production of raw materials for composite materials:

General Director: B.G. Kharchilava.

IX. LLC «Testsistemy» (RF, Ivanovo) – production of testing machines for composite materials laboratories.

General Director: A.V. Belyshev

X. LLC « PKF TEHGIDRO » (RF, Ekaterinburg) – production of components for equipment for the production of composite materials.

General Director: Korotkov V.N.

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